Bard Urinary Foley Catheter (male)


Bard/ Bardia Foley Catheter

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Bard Foley Urinary Catheter Male
PTFE Coated Latex, Length 48cm (16″)

Sizes are measured in CH/FR/FG, they are all the same.

  • FG12 – 10cc balloon – 124512UK
  • FG14 – 10cc balloon – 124514UK
  • FG16 – 10cc balloon – 124516UK
  • FG18 – 10cc balloon – 124518UK
  • FG20 – 10cc balloon – 124520UK


  • FG12 – 30cc balloon – 124612UK
  • FG14 – 30cc balloon – 124614UK
  • FG16 – 30cc balloon – 124616UK
  • FG18 – 30cc balloon – 124618UK
  • FG20 – 30cc balloon – 124620UK
  • FG22 – 30cc balloon – 124622UK
  • FG24 – 30cc balloon – 124624UK

Inflate with 10ml prefilled saline Syringes must be ordered separately.

For short term use, typically one to four weeks.

These Aqua-Matic Bard Foley Urinary Catheter are surrounded in a hydrogel coating which provides lower surface friction; improve patient comfort and reduces irritation.


Why are Catheters Necessary?

There are many reasons why some people cannot urinate voluntarily and require a catheter to empty their bladder. The nerve supply to your bladder could be damaged; you may suffer from back problems or an enlarged prostate. Catheterisation may also be necessary after certain types of surgery, or it may be caused by a particular condition you were born with.

For more information on Urinary Catheters please see the information page on the NHS Website

We always dispatch orders within 48 hours and deliver in plain and discreet packaging. If you have any questions regarding building your own catheterisation set up, please don’t hesitate to contact. A member of our team will be happy to point you in the right direction.


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FG12 (10cc Balloon), FG14 (10cc Balloon), FG16 (10cc Balloon), FG18 (10cc Balloon), FG20 (10cc Balloon), FG12 (30cc Balloon), FG14 (30cc Balloon), FG16 (30cc Balloon), FG18 (30cc Balloon), FG20 (30cc Balloon), FG22 (30cc Balloon), FG24 (30cc Balloon)


  1. Gordon Mackie (verified owner)

    As i am bed bound from time to time for days on end these catheters are a wonderful help that allows bladder emptying without me leaving the bed.
    The self retaining balloon is a great security measure saving me from worrying i may wet the bed

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