Various catheters available for managing urinary incontinence. Produced by Bard and Rusch. Interdwelling Foley Catheters and reusable Jaques Catheters. We supply for professional and personal use, no minimum order.


We supply everything you need for implementing urinary catheterisation. Various Catheter types, syringes, sterile fields, urine bags, holders and catheter spigots.

Why are Catheters Necessary?

There are many reasons why some people cannot urinate voluntarily and require a catheter to empty their bladder. The nerve supply to your bladder could be damaged; you may suffer from back problems or an enlarged prostate. Catheterisation may also be necessary after certain types of surgery, or it may be caused by a particular condition you were born with.

For more information on Urinary Catheters please see the information page on the NHS Website.