Universal Catheter Spigot


Catheter Spigot/ Sterile Catheter Plug

  • Individually sealed packaging
  • Universal size to fit all catheters.
  • Length: 54.6mm
  • Tip O.D: 5.6mm
  • Manufacturers code: AECS9004
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This Catheter Spigot is a new product from Pennine Healthcare. Product code AECS9004.

A sterile plug-like device intended to be inserted into a catheter to prevent flow through. It may also be referred to as a catheter spigot or catheter tip occluder.

For Short Term Use: Normally intended for continuous use of more than 60 minutes but less than 30 days. Made from PP – Polypropylene, latex free.

Tip OD: 5.6 mm
Length: 54.5 mm

Universal size is moulded to fit all sizes of catheters or tubes. Graduated design easily connects tubing of various internal diameters
Comes in Sterile, individual peel pouches.

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1 spigot, 10 spigots, 50 spigots