Aquaflate Brilliant Self–Retaining Catheters (Latex Free)


Aquaflate Brilliant Self–Retaining  Catheter  – Latex Free

Foley self-retaining catheter by Rusch in silicone. Complete with syringe containing sterile water for inflation of 10ml balloon. Up to four weeks in use, latex free. Sizes FG12-FG18.

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Aquaflate Brilliant Self–Retaining Catheter (male)

Short to medium term catheters, can be left in place for up to four weeks. All silicone catheter, completely latex free. 2-way foley self-retaining catheters.

Complete with syringe containing sterile water for inflation of 10ml balloon.

Sizes are measured in CH/FR/FG, they are all the same.

  • FG12 – 10ml balloon – A310112
  • FG14 – 10ml balloon – A310114
  • FG16 – 10ml balloon – A310116
  • FG18 – 10ml balloon – A310118

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Why are Catheters Necessary?

There are many reasons why some people cannot urinate voluntarily and require a catheter to empty their bladder. The nerve supply to your bladder could be damaged; you may suffer from back problems or an enlarged prostate. Catheterisation may also be necessary after certain types of surgery, or it may be caused by a particular condition you were born with.

For more information on Urinary Catheters please see the information page on the NHS Website

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FG12, FG14, FG16, FG18, FG20


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